Providing straightforward information pertaining to drugs, drug use & drug policy. The Grey Pages promotes drug-related literacy and advocates a system of viable and tolerant drug policies. This is my personal collection of commentaries, essays, tid-bits, and other such writings on everything ranging from drug use, drug policy and drug-myths, to drug-science, addiction, human behavior, and the workings of the human brain. I started this blog with a particular focus on opioids, and over the past year have found my interest gravitate toward the intriguing, ever-changing world of designer intoxicants (i.e. "research chemicals" or "designer drugs").

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Author's Personal Favorites:
Controlled Substance Analogues and the Law
Realities of Current Drug Policy
Drug Prohibition From a Standpoint of Individual Liberty
Why Do People Use Drugs?
The Essential Distinction Between Drugs and "Drug Violence"
How Drug Policy Patterns Are Reflective of Our Current Social Climate
"Substitution Treatment" vs "Habitual Drug Abuse": A False Dichotomy
Social and Market Protectionism Impedes Evolutionary Adaptation
Role of the Disease Model in Supporting Current Drug Policy
Definitive Benefits of Legalization
Drug Police = Mind and Brain Police
Pot Enthusiasts and Self Serving Marijuana Advocacy
Logical Fallacies in Group Treatment
Background Reading on the Disease Model of Addiction (Off-Site Links)
Origins of Current Drug Policy
Who Benefits From Current Drug Policy?
Illusion of Legitimacy in the Healthcare Cost Argument Against Legalization
History Lesson: The Harrison Act of 1914
Drug Policy Propaganda, Obama Style

Other Society/Policy Pieces and Older Writings from My Earlier Days:
Rebuttal to Edmund Hartnetts Anti-Legalization Propaganda Manual