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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Clandestine-PV Legacy Continues

Some new PV-analogues have been surfacing in the US over the last few months. Little is known about their safety or toxicity profile, or about their relation to alpha-PVP in terms of SAR (structure-activity relationship).

There have been some anecdotal reports on their effects, but very few. The one exception being a collection of reports on "PV-8" scattered across various forum/message boards; most of these claim it produces little to no results and is an overall disappointment. PV-8 is the 2-carbon extended homologue of A-PVP.

A 3,4 dimethoxy analogue (i.e. 3,4-dimethoxy-a-PVP) was rumored to have surfaced late last summer, but it seems to only have been talked about briefly. It could legally be considered an analogue of MDPV by federal law and in some cases fall within schedule I. It is very similar to MDPV in its structure differing in only an opening of the dioxole ring structure of the phenyl group. Its hard to say how this chemical would compare to MDPV in other respects, and there are seemingly no first hand accounts on Di-MeO-a-PVP.

It also seems that 4-MeO-a-PVP has more recently surfaced, but as is the case with the 3,4-dimethoxy homologue, there is little to no information available on its toxicological properties, potency, or effects relative to the parent drug.

The ring fluorinated homologue (specifically, 4-fluoro-a-PVP) has appeared and, other than APVP and MDPV, may just be the only chem in the clandestine-PV line with any staying power, with reports suggesting results are similar in nature to MDPV and A-PVP, with some preferring the fluoro. As with 4-fluoroamphetamine, 4-F-PVP seems to be corrosive to tissues, causing discomfort and possible damage with some routes of experimentation.

Though pentedrone has been a known RC for a while, its methylphenyl homologue has been a more recent development in the clandestine RC world. Pentedrone itself still remains common as a designer stimulant, and although it's not a pyrrolidine based cathinone, it shares the pentyl backbone and a similar potency to PV (much stronger than methcathinone and active at less than 10mg). 4-methylpentedrone has been said to produce results close to those of the parent chem, and seems to have generated, for the most part, positive feedback. I currently have no information on its potency off-hand.


  1. Some more novel PV mutants up for discussion: 4f-PV8, 4f-PV9, 4-MeO-PVP, 4-MeO-PBP

    Are the research chemical entrepreneurs "stretching it" with these new compounds? What's the significance of the number 4 ??? :)

  2. Tried a-php ,on a 7 year run of mdpv, then in Feb.2014 the Chinese stopped selling it. So tried the ones on the market then of pv-8( fun to smoke) so apvp ( why can people think this is like mdpv,) pv-9( don't know what it was but great)
    The freshman class, valedictorian a-php, then mdphp, 5 mdphp, and 4-meo-pvp which I did not like when it contaminated my bigger stash of a-php. Next trial is 3,4 dimethoxy-a-php, 4f-pvp, and 4-Meo-pbp. But crystal version of a-php has no researchers on it. Let someone be the guinea pig, I am Irish any way.
    The end was here.

  3. Low to moderate oral doses of a-PVP or a-PHP in the morning could be an excellent cognitive enhancer. Very smooth all day productivity stimulation and confidence. The insomnia would interfere with sleep though, so using Flmodafinil or another eugeroic the next morning would be good to function with less then optimal sleep like if you had good sleep. The oral dose range is generally 5mg to 40mg and the duration is 8 hours to over 14 hours. Too much a-PVP or redosing continuously, and panic attacks and anxiety and paranoia and extreme dleep deprivation followed by freaky hallucinations and stuff. An eugeroic can help. Limiting use to no more than a few times a week can also help. The PV series is like if Adderall and Promotil had a baby and fed it steroids. Great for being hyper and productive and even having fun writing a book and cleaning stuff compulsively and dancing to music and talking a mile a minute, like ultimate wired feeling plus confidence to overconfidence. Not so good if you're chasing a "high" that goes above and beyond the overconfidence NZT feeling, as this is where the side effects pour in. Also have benzodiazepines handy just in case. Eugeroics(wakefulness enhancers) are also good for that next day "I didn't get enough sleep" feeling. It's about finding that confident and hyper and productive yet also fun and wired feeling, but not being extremely irresponsible. Maybe a-PVP can stack well with phenylpiracetam or pramiracetam and choline.

  4. They are also potent antioxidants. Traditionally, red clover was considered a tonic, John

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