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Monday, June 24, 2013


Apparently the structure for "PV-8" is as follows....
Crystalline chunks of a substance said to be the compound in question (this image is not my own. I discovered it on a message board)


  1. this is the New mdpv

    1. Dear human beings, comrades in the field of science.
      I have no experience with PV8. But I know MDPV, A-PVP and A-PVT. Some weeks ago I had a first batch with brownish powder called A-PHP, aka PV7. Actually I found it better then anything else. Especially when vaped. It is the devils heaven. But recovery takes some days. Very tired but not as heavy as MDPV. Reminded me how I felt after MPA. This class of stuff is dangerous even for people who usually have enough willpower not to indulge like a crazy animal. I manage this now that I only have a certain amount of the material for my pleasure. Since I know without doubt -The more I have at home the more I take. I have a job with some really nice people and I want to stay there. So when I want to use an analog of pyrovalerone I have to think clear and manage some issues for my security. For example that I have some days free without having to go to work.
      Thanks very much for this site. We need really information and no propaganda. Stay safe and do not make a fool out of yourself.
      Greetings from Germany

    2. hey babygirl how wuz jail???????

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