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Friday, April 12, 2013

Observations With 4-MEC, 4-FA, and 2-FMA

Based on what I've heard reported first hand and throughout the web, I've noted the following consistencies, in hopes of providing a better general understanding of each of these compounds.


2-FMA seems to be very active in doses of 50 mg and up.

Provides a clean, mellow, stimulated state for a few hours

It causes a heavy, shortlived cough and a strange tickling sensation in the urinary tract when taken by more direct routes, as does its 4-desfluoro parent (methamphetamine).

Powder is clean white with a snowy appearance. Powder seems to dissolve readily and easily in water.

Reports on 2FMA being a "functional" stimulant seem to be on the mark. This seems to be a compound that the well-disciplined researcher could function adequately on during work or while performing other important duties.


4-FA seems to be very active in doses of 50mg and up. Oral dosing may require slightly larger amounts (I'll estimate 75mg or more). 

Product appeared as a fine snow-like powder; its color was white but compared to 2-FMA it could be considered a slight off-white.

Produces effects similar to both 2FMA and 4MEC. 

It has mild but noticeable empathogen qualities.

It produces significant mydriasis (pupil dilation), like ecstasy and 4MEC.

It causes a heavy, shortlived cough and a strange tickling sensation in the urinary tract when taken by more direct routes, as do methamphetamine and 2-FMA. Nausea is common especially with higher doses. It may be a good idea to stay near the toilet when first administering 4-FA in case of bladder dysfunction or vomiting.

This is probably not a compound to use while working or committing oneself to other important duties requiring a clear head and normal appearance.


4-MEC seems to be extremely active in doses of 75 mg and up when taken by more direct routes of administration. Oral doses may require 100 mg or greater for this level of effects.

Its effects are very comparable to pure MDMA. Its stimulant properties are accompanied by empathogen properties which are equally strong if not stronger. 

The 4MEC experience could be described as a tweaky "roll"-like experience, which lasts a couple hours (typically not as long lasting as molly).

Some of the highest quality 4-MEC typically appears in the form of crystalline shards (small and large), which break into a sandy powder. This compound seems to dissolve fine in water, but not as readily or easily as the more powdery RC's (such as 2-FMA or 4-FA).

4-MEC produces an often overwhelming rush and an "instant roll" when administered by more direct routes. This is a very active chemical and should be handled/used with extra caution.

Nausea is likely and may be intense, but subsides after vomiting.

This is definitely not a compound to use while working or committing oneself to other important duties requiring a clear head and normal appearance.


  1. Interesting stuff.
    Good info.
    Note: it's entactogen, not enactogen.

  2. Hey, thanks for the spell-correct. I definitely needed to change that ;)

  3. 2-fma lasts 12hrs+ not a `couple of hours`.

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  6. I had a truly horrible experience involving a mis-dosed IV 2-FMA episode. In addition to a nervous breakdown, I had huge blisters in my mouth and ground out/broke 3 teeth from persistent clenching over ~3 days. I don't totally blame the compound as I admittedly mis-handled it at the time. This was 2011 when this happened. Be wary, it was a hell of a lesson. I believe the dose was somewhere around or possibly north of 75mg. As I said, I fumbled the dosage and had intended to do less but among other factors, I was already significantly intoxicated. Just a word of caution. I also think my sample my have been adulteratred as it still had a slight solvent smell on delivery. Could have been something else, though.