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Monday, April 8, 2013


The compounds below are sometimes available as research chemicals and have been sold as designer drugs. They share structural similarities with drugs of the piperidine family such as methylphenidate and desoxypipradol, as well as N-pyrrolidinyl-cathinones such as MDPV and a-PVP. They also share some interestingly similar characteristics in their mode of action and subjective effects.


D2PM Molecule

D2PM is a long acting stimulant which has been sold as a research chemical and designer drug. It is alternately known as diphenylprolinol.

D2PM is an NDRI with a mode of action similar to desoxypipradol and methylphenidate. 

Structurally related to pipradol and desoxypipradol, but contains a pyrrolidine ring in place of a piperidine ring. Being a chiral compound, the dextro-rotatory enantiomer [(R)-(+)] is the most pharmacologically active.

Long acting compound. Its effects generally last 5 to 8 hours.

Due to its long duration, dose accumulation may be an issue; especially when combined with its potential to produce a state of "tweaky" over-stimulation.

Noteable adverse effects include paranoia, anxiety, myoclonus, psychosis, hallucinations, delerium due to lack of sleep, and a state of prolonged agitation lasting days after use. Adverse effects with long term use may include neuro/cardio-toxicity, and physical/psychological habituation.


desoxy-D2PM Molecule
Desoxy-D2PM is a stimulant compound which has been sold as a research chemical and designer drug. It is
alternately known as 2-diphenylmethylpyrrolidine.

Desoxy-D2PM is an analogue of diphenylprolinol, differing only with the absence of a hydroxyl group at the carbon-2 position. It is related to diphenylprolinol in the same way that desoxypipradol is related to pipradol.

Its mode of action is similar to related compounds; desoxy-D2PM is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

It's effects are similar to diphenylprolinol as well as desoxypipradol. 

It has been reported to possess some of the same downsides as its relative 2-DPMP; with adverse effects being characterized by agitation, anxiety, paranoia, prolonged insomnia, and compulsiveness. These characteristics are shared by its distant relatives of the N-pyrrolidinyl substituted cathinone family, specifically MDPV and a-PVP. 

Adverse effects with long term use may include neuro/cardio-toxicity, and physical/psychological habituation.


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