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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (Seeds)

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, or HBW,  is a climbing vine known by the botanical name Argyreia Nervosa. It is encountered in the Carribean, Africa, and areas of Hawaii. It bears small seeds which look very much like small chocolate chips. The seeds are often collected and consumed for the psychedelic alkaloids they contain. 

HBW seeds contain ergine, known also as lysergic acid amide or LSA, an ergoline derivative closely related to LSD.

Currently, HBW is not a controlled substance in the US, however the LSA they contain is listed as a schedule III controlled substance.

User reports on HBW seeds suggest that not many seeds are required for an effect. Psychedelic effects become apparent with 4 or more seeds eaten on an empty stomach.

LSA is believed to act similarly to most classical hallucinogens; It is likely to exhibit agonist and/or partial agonist activity at multiple serotonin receptors, including the 5HT-2A subtype.

The effects of LSA are similar to the effects of LSD, and are reported to be less intense. The experience typically lasts 6 to 8 hours, though a pleasant afterglow may linger for up to 12 hours.

Psychological effects of LSA include Introspection, Altered cognitive process, Laughing or an urge to laugh, Closed or open eye visual distortions such as spots, light tracers, color shifting, distortion of surface textures, brightened or enhanced colors, Enhancement of sensory input such as taste, smell, sound, or vision, and Time distortion. Physiological effects include Dilated pupils (mydriasis), Increased heart rate, CNS stimulation or sedation, Insomnia, Stomach pain or cramps, and Mild to severe nausea and vomiting (some reccommend taking a regular dose of dimenhydrinate or diphenhydramine 30 minutes before consuming the seeds).

Likely After-Effects include Possible "hangover" characterized by blurred vision with vertigo or dizziness, and an ability to acheive a deep or refreshing sleep following the experience.


  1. Hummm, very interesting... sounds like something I would like to try, since this didn't last nearly long enough....
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  2. I saw your posts on another website and ended up here. I just don't understand where you are coming from...I suffer from multiple conditions that cause me severe pain on a daily basis . I am on prescription hydromorphone.What I don't understand is why would I stick them up my ass just to get a buzz knowing it would use them up too many at a time and there by leaving me short and out of my monthly prescription too soon..and why would I want to eat Hawaiian woodrose seeds if they may inflict nausea cramps and vomiting? I have had to learn to "manage" myself and my medications so I don't run out too soon and so I won't be sick or in pain..I just don't get you...if you are on hydromorphones for legitimate reasons I would think you would be looking for a way to limit the amount of medications you're putting in your body at all times and you certainly wouldn't want to inflict any more pain on yourself than you supposedly already have. If you are a "malingerer in order to get prescription drugs and the fact that you obviously don't need to take them as prescribed by your Doctor ( of course I'm assuming you do get them legitimately) your advice doesn't work for those of us who really need them. It's getting harder and harder to get my prescriptions filled because a lot of the pharmacies don't want the liability of carrying them anymore due to all the irresponsible drug addicts out there who are doing stupid thunder and dying..Sorry, but you sound like one of them..and if you are then all I have to say is, "Thanks for making it so difficult for me to get the medications that give me the ability to walk somewhat normal...asshole!

    1. I have severe pain in my spine currently controled with morphine. Before you make ignorant comments try to educate yourself. No addict is the cause of increased difficulty in getting your medicine, I'd take a look at your own government (dea) for that issue. They are determined to "keep America safe from drugs" and that includes people who really need it. Think about that the next time you vote.. not that it matters they all lie anyway ..

  3. I'll look past the self righteous and condescending tone of your comment and be polite; I actually laughed the first time I read this.. This is not a "chronic pain" blog. I am neither a chronic pain "sufferer" or a pain-medication-malingerer. I try to offer a variety of basic information on all drugs through this blog, both legal and illegal, in order to promote educated and responsible drug use, and clear some of the many drug-related misconceptions and superstitions which are all too prevalent in the ignorant. I've met many chronic pain patients with your same attitude; I'm truly sorry for you and anyone else who has to deal with pain, but the world doesn't owe you anything special; and this may come off as harsh, but you are no more entitled to narcotics than anyone else, pain or no pain.

    Have a nice day.


    1. Right on DM. Why the fuck do CPP hate junkies so much? Junkies aren't keeping you from your medicine. It may be helpful for you to scapegoat "addicts" (as most of America does) but they have no control over the narcotic supply. Take your problem up with the DEA, our culture of opiophobia and drug war hysteria.

      Seriously did Siobhan Reynolds spend her time demagoguing addicts online? Or did she actually get off her ass and take the bastards at the DEA to court. She ultimately wanted to repeal the controlled substances act. If addicts were more organized into user unions maybe they could partner with the CPPs and put political pressure on legalizing opioids for adults so no one need go without.

      As long as the CPPs continue to blame junkies for the pill shortage and hysteria they are only hurting their cause. Your (the CPPs out there) animosity would be better directed at a government that declares self-medication a crime.

    2. I'm a chronic pain patient (I take morphine as prescribed) .. I have this nasty little genetic flaw that causes my spine to fuse.. but I agree wholeheartedly with you and DM. The problem is misinformation and it will not change until self medication is decriminalized. Many times while visiting my doctor I felt 'afraid ' to ask for more medicine even when suffering sufficiently to warrant it... all because of misinformation. I believe many 'addicts' are self medicating for various issues usualy anxiety or environmental stress..my two cents

  4. Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you.

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