Providing straightforward information pertaining to drugs, drug use & drug policy. The Grey Pages promotes drug-related literacy and advocates a system of viable and tolerant drug policies. This is my personal collection of commentaries, essays, tid-bits, and other such writings on everything ranging from drug use, drug policy and drug-myths, to drug-science, addiction, human behavior, and the workings of the human brain. I started this blog with a particular focus on opioids, and over the past year have found my interest gravitate toward the intriguing, ever-changing world of designer intoxicants (i.e. "research chemicals" or "designer drugs").

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Site Layout

In order to expedite browsing, I've reorganized the page layout on this site. I've categorized all of the "drug vaults", both opioid and non-opioid, into one archive, while I've merged the chemistry & pharmacology archives into one general "science" archive. The opioid safety archive has become the "harm reduction" archive (which includes the opioid dose coversion data), while many of my pieces on addiction have been compiled into an "addiction" archive. My "society, law, policy" page has stayed the same, as have the drug policy timeline (i.e. "history"), and glossary pages.

Questions, comments, suggestions or other inquiries can be posted here or emailed to me personally (meyerderekw@gmail.com).


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