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Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Environment & Market of "Nerf Coating"

In analyzing the so-called "drug problem", and perhaps more importantly the illogic & futility in the current abolitionist approach, the general population must ask themselves a few key questions; 

Does business or industry have a moral obligation to design, create, and market products in a way which accomodates any imaginable act of incompetence (or self destruction) on the part of those adults who consume their products? 

Our long and troubled history with the "drug problem", I believe makes obvious the fact that under a system of such social, individual, & market micromanagement, the scope & reach of paternalism and environmental engineering (or better put, "idiot-proofing"), has a natural tendency to perpetuate itself to no end. 

Simply put, experience to date suggests that once we set the precedent for the forceful micromanagement of product markets in order to protect consumers from themselves, all reasonable courses of action are abandoned - while the reach of such protectionism becomes unrestrained, gradually growing over time.

On a paralell note, one should consider whether the government has a moral obligation - or even a right - to regulate, censor, control and maintain (in effect, to micromanage) the whole of our public and private environment in a way which accomodates any imaginable act of self destruction, abuse, or incompetence by adults?

Recent generations thus far have seemed to concede that this is not only the right of the government, but it's duty.

This is disheartening. And to me, cause for a level of skepticism and concern which seems to be lacking in all but a few.

Individuals should conclude the following from examining our history with prohibition and proscription; Building a culture on the premise that everyone is an idiot or criminal breeds idiocy and criminality by removing the social pressures which disincentivize such traits; subsequently making them acceptable, even expectable. It also breeds incompetence and a childlike dependence on government, by institutionalizing us into a "nerf-coated" environment in which we develop no skills for coping with, and adapting to, the realities & risks of our environment and the fruits of technology.

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