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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Definitive Benefits of Drug Legalization

Thomas Wayburn (Ph.D.) has emphasized a number of practical benefits which drug legalization will offer. Most of which can be accurately foreseen. Share this with your friends or family.

Ending the war on drugs and repealing our misguided drug laws will surely be beneficial in the following ways:

(1) Removing the enormous criminal economic incentive to traffic drugs. 

(2) Eliminating the need of the habitual drug user to lie, cheat, steal and engage in otherwise immoral activities .

(3) Eliminating the violence associated with the high profit, underground, monopolistic criminal drug market.

(4) Taking profits from criminals and promoting legitimate (not to mention regulated) drug commerce.

(5) Removing the sensationalized thrill factor and mystique of taking stigmatized drugs.

(6) Ending the health risks and mortality associated with unknown doses, toxic impurities, unsanitary equipment, unsanitary or unsafe dosing techniques, more harmful substitutes, and the emergence of relatively obscure, non-researched designer drugs

(7) Facilitating a wider range of options for drug users to select the less dangerous compounds which may offer some of the same desired effects as do the more toxic drugs. 

(8) Eliminating the "drug life" phenomenon, a product of criminalization - The phenomenon which dictates that certain drugs are inexorable components of specified undersirable lifestyle "paths" (for instance "tim started smoking pot, he's headed down the wrong road") 

(9) Restoring a level of humanity and normalcy to the lives of many drug users by minimizing the significance of ones' drug of choice in their overall lifestyle. Thus allowing constructive endeavors and socially acceptable pursuits. 

(10) Allowing informed adults to treat many simple ailments (pain, anxiety, etc) without the need for medical professionals, subsequently reducing health-care costs and overload

(11) Ending the invasion of privacy and assault on individual liberties

(12) Eliminating pharmaceutical "McCarthyism"; the invention of new ailments and diagnoses to create new drug markets (This has created a climate of pharmaceutical ambiguity and serves to fuel the "rogue doctor" phenomenon; along with the associated harms of uninformed prescription drug use).

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