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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dangers & Complications of Injection Drug Use


"Livedoid purpuric feature after direct intra-arterial buprenorphine 
tablets injection of the brachial artery."
Necrotizing ulger after injecting morphine tablets

Skin abscess of the thigh after subcutaneous injection

Scars on the hands of a heavy injection cocaine user

The appearance of necrosis due to injection
drug use (necrosis is the permanent
death of tissue)


Necrotizing Cellulitis of the Penis: See Here

Endocarditis is a common complication of IV drug use; it is
an infection of the myocardial lining

IV drug use can lead to ischemic stroke (see right side)

Image depicts an embolic stroke due to blood vessel blockage

Ischemic Stroke - A common complication of IV drug use
resulting from a clot or emboli traveling from injection site
to the small blood vessels of the brain. The dark areas
show brain death.

Pulmonary embolism occurs when a clot or emboli travels
from the injection site (often in the foot or leg) to the
blood vessels of the lungs. A PE can cause death almost


  1. i have a question- i shot up a dilaudid shot earlier- about an hour almost two, and it took me days to register- when i finally got it i didnt get my usual rush instead my head started to hurt and my face sort of became numb.. and tightness in my chest. could this be a sign of injecting a blood clot? im not sure what to do.. i am in a small town with no safe way to be checked out by a doc without being reported to the police..

    1. Yes, this sounds very much like a blood clot. You NEED to seek emergency medical care right away. I highly doubt the doctor will call the police. We have healthcare privacy laws, you know ;).