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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Phenethylamine RC's

Phenethylamines on the RC Scene:

The phenethylamine structure is a common theme for the research chemist and many compounds have been synthesized based off of the structures of phenylpropylamines such as amphetamine or MDMA, and aminopropiophenones such as cathinone or methcathinone. Many of these compounds differ from their homologues with only a minor addition or modification; for instance, amphetamine and methamphetamine can be fluoridated or alkylated at one of numerous positions and marketed as non-food, non-drug product for research or other such use only. Such compounds have been popular as psychoactives sold through head shops, smoke shops and online; with new compounds being introduced quicker than the powers that be can criminalize them.

Phenylalkylamine Chemical Structures:

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