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Friday, November 18, 2011

US/Mexico Border Warriors

Drug Warrior Rationale (And its Fundemental Flaws)

I believe this to be a perfect demonstration of the logical or intellectual reductionism at play in promoting "war on drugs".

Popular logic dictates that:

Cartels & gangs traffic drugs. Therefore 'cartels & gangs must = drugs'.

'Drugs' are armed, violent and must be fought.

US heroes (i.e. police & military) must fight war against 'drugs' and 'drug violence'.

What they fail to mention:

Cartels traffic drugs because they are too profitable.

Drugs are too profitable because they are illegal.

Imagine that bananas became illegal tomorrow:

Their value will skyrocket, overnight.

Immediately, violent cartels would then begin trafficking bananas for the enormous profits.

The US would reason that: violent cartels who traffick bananas = 'bananas'.

The US would then be battling an epidemic of 'bananas', 'banana violence' & 'banana crime'.

If the same cartels began leasing out child prostitutes, we would then have a 'banana related prostitution problem'.

Additionally, let's say one of these cartel members gets drunk one night and beats, rapes and kills his wife - Fox news would then have a bloody, brutal, 'banana related murder' to report.

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