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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Overview of Numorphan

Numorphan is now commonly known as oxymorphone; I will refer to the drug using these terms interchangeably.

What I find remarkable with oxymorphone is that even seasoned & tolerant users will attest to its striking potency. Most people discover this the first time they try it expecting an effect on the level of high dose oxycodone only to be blown away with a near death experience more akin to fentanyl (in its intensity). Unlike its sister oxycodone, numorphan is heavy. Very, very, heavy. Its potency as a pain reliever is 10x that of morphine and its potency in producing subjective effects is just as great. Limited studies are available detailing its effects, but positive response from users is overwhelming. Some die hard junkies report avoiding oxymorphone altogether, in fear they will go completely nuts with their intake and either lose it, or inevitably skyrocket their narcotic tolerance.

By any route bypassing the GI tract, numorphan induces a marked narcotized state. It is at least as euphoric as heroin. This is especially apparent when injected into a vein. Its onset is rapid, marked by a profound surge of pleasure similar to dilaudid but stronger. Some first time users try Opana expecting a similar experience to oxycodone, only to be blown away by the orgasmic, overwhelming, heavy, morphine-type effects of oxymorphone. This drug is liable to produce far heavier narcosis than oxycodone; its effect is of morphine origin rather than codeine origin. It causes less constipation and itching than morphine, and either more or less nausea & vomiting. Compared to oxycodone, it is more likely to cause nausea. Its likelihood of sedation and somnolence is similar to morphine, and will lead to a nod as doses progress. Those who snort it in the form of Opana ER report a slow onset time, but a profoundly pleasant experience which lasts several hours; likely due in part to a gelling effect of the formulation, when exposed to the moisture of the nose.

Oxymorphone in tablet form (filling and binder considered), is estimated to have a nasal to IV ratio of roughly 3 to 1. This is much better than its 10 to 1 oral to IV ratio. To substitute for 5 mg IV opana, 15 mg of the powder must be insufflated. This would equate to 50mg of IV morphine or 150mg oral morphine.

The potency and potential risks with oxymorphone can not be understated. For general purposes, intranasal oxymorphone is 7.5x stronger than intranasal oxycodone by milligram. Insufflating the powder of a single 40mg Opana tablet can cause a potentially fatal overdose in even those with prior opioid exposure. 40mg of intranasal oxymorphone (even with just 30% b/a) is roughly as potent as 200mg of OxyContin by IV injection - Anyone who claims otherwise does not know what they're talking about and should be ignored. 200mg of OxyContin by IV equates to 266mg by mouth, or 300mg intranasal - Imagine a chipper or non-habitual user injecting the contents of two OxyContin 80's and one 40, in a single shot. In most cases, a "first experience" with oxymorphone will by all means be as intense as a first time experience with fentanyl or heroin. Only the competent user or chronic pain patient, should be dealing with oxymorphone; and only if tolerant to potent opioids such as heroin, etc.

In non dependent opiate users, 1.5 to 2 mg of numorphan injected subcutaneously (under the skin) produced intense narcosis. Its potency in maintaining dependence is roughly 10x greater than morphine. In a study of dependent morphine users, 6mg of oxymorphone subcutaenously every 3 hours was a more than adequate replacement for morphine in doses of 60mg subcutaneously every 6 hours. When given in equianalgesic doses and by injection, numorphan's duration of action is similar to morphine or slightly shorter. With oral use, its painkilling effect generally lasts 3 to 6 hours.

In a short term addiction study, non dependent subjects were given numorphan in increasing doses of 0.5 mg to 6 mg stepwise over 18 days. A physical dependence was developed in this time with a particularly severe withdrawal syndrome upon abrupt cessation, which began to surface 6 hours after the last dose.

User Experiences With Numorphan/Oxymorphone

"It took about 1 hour for the effects to truly peak, and were 5 hours of complete bliss. It was much stronger than any white heroin I've had and much more deep. I paced around the room nervously it became overwhelming at times, occasionally waking my friend who went in and out of the land of nod, most likely because of the booze. I soon became very relaxed and my body was in pure exctasy, warm and fuzzy with a feeling I like to call 'Comfortably Numb', meaning in a perfect state of tranquillity." (Intranasal Oxymorphone User)

"Although Opana is similiar to the typical opiate high, it is very different. It does not cause the drowsiness, or cloud the mind as much. It is just a pure sense of euphoria. But when doing too much, it caused me to get moody, sometimes somewhat angry, but not extremely aggressive to where I wanted to fight. When doing Opana at a typical dose, the initial onset comes with a relaxing, warmth coming over the body and mind that makes me just want to lay back and go 'ahhh'. Then the lasting high is just a pure sense of happiness, euphoria, a sense of floating, a huge boost of self confidence, loss of inhibitions, and just an overall sense that everything in the world is good. " (Intranasal Oxymorphone User)

"..It made me feel very calm and happy, and like anything that could happen would be fine with me... It was almost impossible to get any sleep, I kept waking up. But while I was awake I did feel a constant euphoria, which I did enjoy. And my back pains completely went away. I almost felt like my spine was liquid, which is an amazing feeling to anyone with back pains. I still felt like I would be capable to do any normal activity, and I still felt like I could function. " (Oral Oxymorphone User)

"It took about 20 min to hit me due to the fact that this specific pill gels up to prevent injection. It dripped down in one solid clump and hit me hard. It felt like I had done 60 mg of oxycontin. it was a particularly warm evening and I was uncontrollably sweating and pale as a ghost, but felt great." (Intranasal Oxymorphone User)

"When IV’ed the rush is more of a warm, beautiful specter overpowering me from behind and before the needle is empty she has wrapped me in love, peace, and, happiness, but by the time I catch my breath (literally) she is gone to leave me wanting… Bitch" (IV Oxymorphone User)

"But for some reason the high I get from oxymorphone is a little different from oxycontin. The high feels more 'clean'. There was no nausea, nodding off, zoning out, or any other negative side affects I get with oxycontin. The only negative side affect I really got from doing oxymorphone was I was incredibaly itchy. Seriously the itchyness I get from oxymorphone was 5 times worse than I get with any other opiate. But it felt so good to itch my arms, legs, my head and my back." (Intranasal Oxymorphone User)

"The high is much more euphoric than any other opiates I've done. The come up is very intense and within 10 minutes of snorting it I begin peaking. There is a rushing sensation in the back of my head and I enjoy and appreciate everything and everyone around me. I have trouble doing anything but sitting motionless with my eyes closed. This is how I usually enjoy my high as the more relaxed I become the more I feel the drug sweeping me away. The euphoria is comparable to sex at high doses although that euphoria quickly drops once you start moving. " (Intranasal Oxymorphone User)

"So I found myself in my bathroom after working up the whole 10 mg pill in an 80cc shot and BANG I felt a rush similar to dilaudid only more intense. The only way to describe it is a warm, bone crushing, and euphoric feeling. I instantly fell in love with the semisynthetic opioid. I quickly found myself needing to fix every six to eight hours and in that respect is very similar to heroin." (IV Oxymorphone User)

"My hands sweat.. with one hand I flip the vial upside down and with the other I pull the rear cap off the syringe .. I draw back a good 50u of air then slick as can be, I pull off the end cap and jab the needle in.. at this point my vien is throbbing like a hard cock ready for action.. I push the 50u of air into the vial and release as the plunger extends and the rig fills with the liquid.. I pull it out, flick it, ready it, and I don't even have to do as much as grab my arm or do my patented leg-over-the-arm routine - my body is ready for it.. I stick the needle in, as usual, I don't even feel it.. I pull back and get that racing heart beat as the crimson mushroom cloud explodes into the barrel of the syringe.. I push the plunger in, pull out, and for the next 2 hours it was like a long drawn out orgasam.. not the "10,000 warm fuzzy orgasams" they attribute to heroin, but it was probably the most powerfull narcotic experience I have had to date.. I just lay on the carpet of her living room as I suddenly didn't have a care in the world.. everything was right and sound.. never had I been anymore perfect.." (First time oxymorphone user, During withdrawal)

"I have been on Opana since roughly 2-3 weeks after it came on the market. I have extensive experience with Opana. When snorted after eating a full/high fat meal it can be 8-12 times stronger than Oxycodone... no matter how the Oxycodone is taken. I believe the bio-availability of intranasal Opana is higher... closer to 60-70%. All of this varies depending on the person... along with a ton of other variables. As for the people who say/think intranasal Opana(Oxymorphone) is only 2-4x stronger than Oxycodone do NOT know what they are talking about and should simply be ignored." (Experienced Oxymorphone Patient)

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