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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eurojunk: Revised

This might certainly be an instance of "grass always being greener" across the pond, however, just as US citizens have access to opiates like hydrocodone and oxycodone which many Euro's don't, our brothers and sisters across the pond have access to a few of the more renowned and notorious potent opioids available for human consumption. In essence, us Americans might have the Holy Grail (oxy and hydro), but our European counterparts have the Ark of the Covenant.

Europe has a history as not only home to the invention of many blockbuster narcotics, but has a history of allowing the licit use of potent and highly prized opioids in therapy, drugs which are agressively withheld from even terminal patients in the US.

The following narcotics have a history of use throughout Europe, and though some have become less widely used and largely fallen out of favor, most remain available to an extent; not only for the sick and suffering, but also for the self medicating habituate (as maintenance drugs). We envy you, Europe.

Diconal (Dipipanone) & Palfium (Dextromoramide)

Dipipanone is an extremely strong opioid which has long fallen out of favor in the European countries where it has been used. "Diconal" is the main preparation; a pinkish colored tablet for oral use containing dipipanone as well as the antihistamine drug cyclizine, which both amplifies the narcotic effects and attenuates nausea and vomiting. Few Doctors are willing to prescribe this drug currently. In the 70's and 80's, Diconal was the narcotic of choice for serious smackheads. Those who tried it preferred it to heroin in many (if not most) cases. Where heroin is the holy grail of opiates, Dipipanone is the ark of the covenant. The combination of dipipanone & cyclizine, when injected into a vein, is said to produce the one of the greatest rushes of opiate bliss known to man, and is equally among the most reinforcing and thus, addictive opioids known. Dipipanone is molecularly related to methadone, very similar structure, but more suited for parenteral use, and thus superior to methadone for use by recreational users.

Dextromoramide is best known by it's brand name "Palfium" - Peach colored tablets available in 5 and 10mg dosages. Palfium, like Diconal, is an older opioid (in a clinical sense) which has fallen out of favor among some physicians due in part to its high tendency for misuse. The drug is three times stronger than morphine and very fast acting, even by the oral route. This made it a drug of choice for sudden onset cancer pain. Effects of an oral dose of dextromoramide generally take effect within 10 minutes and last 2 to 3 hours. According to one user, "This drug is known primarily for two things - dirty hits and overdoses. For some reason, Palfium seems to be very unpredictable. You can use say four one day, then, the following day you just try three and end up having turned blue and slumped against a wall."

Advice to anyone who plans to inject this drug: Sit down quick before you hit the floor like a brick. This is said to be some intense shit, and is often preferred over heroin for recreational use. Palfium was used in Europe much as Dilaudid is used in the states today, and has much of the same appeal to smackheads.
Both Diconal and Palfium are now considered novelty items on the streets, both are superior to heroin, but "rare as hens teeth".


Ketobemidone, most commonly known as Ketogan; another drug licensed for use in Europe and never seen in the US. It's chemically related to pethidine (aka Demerol) but from what I hear it's effects are superior. This drug is slightly stronger than morphine and extremely euphoric. Ketobemidone like methadone blocks the NMDA receptor and is usually effective for severe pain which other opioids do not sufficiently alleviate. Withdrawal from ketobemidone has beem described as "the worst detox imaginable", and may be dangerous in heavy users without supervision or comfort meds. 5 to 10 mg by mouth is the typical reccomended dose. Effects last 4 to 6 hours. Ketogan was withdrawn from the market in a number of countries and is now mainly used in Denmark, or other scandinavian nations.

An opioid user describes her experience with ketogan tablets:

"I used both Ketogan Novum (Ketobemidone)--[5mg tablets] & Ketogan (Ketobemidone + antispasmotic)-- [10mg suppositories]. Both were taken as prescribed (tabs by mouth, and supps. by rectal), and I confirm that these are very potent, VERY euphoric & pleasurable opiates. Among the best I have ever tried. And I have tried quite a few..."

"Strawberry Milkshakes" (Methadone & Cyclizine Combo)

To replicate the effects of the Diconal rush, users often mix methadone (known as physeptone in Europe) with cyclizine or a similar sedative-antihistamine, in either a single shot for injection, or as a single oral cocktail. The effect is similar to that of Diconal. This practice is especially dangerous especially when injecting.


Methadone I believe is not given all the credit it's due. A little more on this drug..

During the era of WWII, widespread efforts were in place to produce synthetic narcotics which did not rely on the opium poppy. Following the inception of pethidine, chemists soon discovered a drug which was stronger than morphine, possibly more efficient, and much longer acting. It was one of a series of open chain structured narcotics, which came to include dextromoramide and dipipanone.

After the war ended, the US gained custody of the patent, and it was eventually made available for use as a crash course trial of sorts, marketed by the Eli Lily company as the painkiller "Dolophine". It was not until decades later that researchers studied the use of the drug in addicts as a substitute for heroin or other opiates, finding it to be effective in attenuating morphine withdrawal and in some cases, reducing drug related crime. The notion that methadone is inferior in terms of "rush & high" is for the most part anecdote. The soul basis for this misbelief is the longer acting onset and duration of methadone, which means its effects come on gradually rather than rapidly. Clinical experience has shown that the subjective effects of methadone are essentially indistinguishable in nature to those of orally administered heroin and morphine when taken by the average user. In other words, there is no inferiority in methadone's ability to produce positive subjective effects, compared to any other opioid taken orally. One's taste for other opiates over methadone is completely subjective, and merely a matter of personal preference. The instantaneous rush experienced with rapid onset is representative of a very minor portion of a narcotic's postivie effects, and is sought more so by compulsive, weak willed addicts than by casual users, self medicating users, or patients.

Methadone is especially euphoric in my experience, when used in moderation. As tolerance develops, euphoric effect becomes less pronounced, but returns with a corresponding increase in dose. The key is keeping up with the tolerance, and tweaking the dose accordingly. This disappearance in rush or euphoria seen with increasing tolerance is not unique to methadone, but occurs with all narcotics.

Nicomorphine & Diamorphine

Among the available opium derived narcotics are a series of morphine esters; meaning these drugs are morphine derivatives with ester groups attatched to the 3 and/or 6 positions. These morphine analogues vary mainly with the type of ester group used; heroin is an acetate ester, while nicomorphine is a nicotinate ester. Either way, nicomorphine and diamorphine are both lipophilic strong opioids.

Diamorphine has similar medicinal value to morphine and its effects in proper doses are non toxic; nevertheless, the drug is banned in most countries of the world, with a small handfull of exceptions. "Heroin" is reported by authorities in the US and other countries to have no redeeming qualities and no medicinal value. Heroin use for severe pain, much less for pleasure, is officially tabboo. European countries break the mold; diamorphine remains a recognized treatment for acute and chronic pain and is used effectively in patients of all ages. It is prescibed in the same way morphine is prescribed elsewhere; given as a solution for injection, a powder or liquid for nasal administration, and tablets for oral use. Better yet, heroin maintenance programs are catching on internationally, allowing habituates to receive clean pharmaceutical supplies of the drug along with clean syringes for injection.

Nicomorphine is twice as potent as morphine by weight, and similar in most respects to diamorphine. Its rapid penetration of the brain leads to a more intense rush than with morphine upon injection into a vein. It is given as a solution for injection, a suppository for the ass, or a tablet for oral use. A typical dose range is up to 5mg by injection, or 5 to 10mg by mouth or anus. Though nicomorphine is rarely encountered on the illicit market, it can be produced at home from morphine tablets processed with nicotinic anhydride (the same is true for heroin, which requires acetic anhydride rather than nicotinic anhydride). This process is employed by users and addicts and the finished product is known as homebake.

Nicomorphine's effects resemble those of heroin, and are indistinguishable from diamorphine when given dose proportionately. The two are nearly equipotent as painkillers, and effects last 3 to 6 hours depending on the dose.
I would like to hear from ANYONE who has personal experience with any of these opioids! Reports on such drugs are extremely few and far between. Any general review of the effects of such drugs compared to say, other opioids like morphine; for instance, sedating? stimulating? euphoric or not so much? subtle or pronounced? body buzz or more of a psyche high? side effects? duration? onset and rush?


  1. I have been using ketobemidone(ketogan) for a few weeks now. what i have noticed is a very very warm rush, different from heroin in a way that is hard to explain, very euphoric!

    The high.. its a bit strange.. i find myself saying things that i shouldnt say and i have a feeling of general clumsiness, i forget what i am doing, why i am doing it etc.. also flashes of thought, reminiscent of dxm. nonetheless it feels great, very "noddy"

    Ketobemidone is also very unpredictable. I have rushed to amazing heights on 10-20 mg, barely felt a tingle on 40-60 mg and everything in between, i do not reccomend anyone do more than 20mg(4 ketogan) in they're first shot.

    oh and there seems to be a solubility issue or something, my solution is milky even after wheel filtering. I came across some posts about it when i googled.

    1. It seems I'm increasingly hearing from users from Europe with first hand experience with ketobemidone. Perhaps its not as uncommon as I originally thought. This is very interesting, thanks. This blog needs more anecdotal reports like this especially concerning drugs that less is known about. I'll be working on an "drug experience" type page similar to that of Erowid.

  2. im from the uk have had diconal loads of times in the past but not scince 08 they are wicked tablets strong orally and much stronger in other ways. exellent my fav painkiller tabs. not seen any palfium about in uk for long time are they still available here ? that pic of the white 5mg tabs looks like they are from belgium or holland sure writing is dutch.are you from the benelux ? i havnt heard of any here scince 04 or 05. rarer than diconal i think here peace M1

    1. Palfium now available only in Netherlands, Ireland and Luxembourg. It was 'temporarily' withdrawn from UK market c. 17 yrs ago due to shortage of dextromoramide tartrate stocks but never reinstated. NL recently withdrew 10mg strength so white 5mg only (photo shows Dutch packet) and last time I went for a refill in Ireland I was told at the pharmacy that the sholesalers were having difficulty getting 10mg so my 25mg dose tds consisted of 15 x 5mg daily which cost a lot more than if I had got 10s and 5mg tabs...
      Diconal/Wellconal now only available in UK and S Africa. Diconal brand discontinued and now only Sovereign Dipipanone and Cyclizine 10/30mg tabs generic are available but at far higher cost than the origonal brand. Tabs are identical with same 'F3A' embossed. Blister even says made by Amdipharm so they are precisely the same tablets with a three times higher price tag.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Interesting to hear that you've seen diconal more often than palfium. I'm actually in the US.

  4. Any updates guys? Really want to know about Dextromoramide (Palfium)...How does it compare to a good dose of Oxycodone IR? The rarity makes me want to chase after it more! Not only do I find it interesting from a pharmacology point of view but I want to go on an opioid (safe and for curiosity) experimentation trip hopefully. Ive got severe terminal pain (got plenty of time don't worry) and I'm curious if theres some crazy substance out their that might make me feel like I used to aka no pain haha and also curious what all this stuff REALLY feels like to me personally. Wish I could get my hands on Palfium sooooo bad...would probably knock the wheels right off the HydromorpContin I take and double as a great breakthrough med with a nice buzz right away! Definitely wanna try Diconal as well...these sound like my kind of opioids....never liked needles (but they don't bother me)

    1. Dextromoramide and dipipanone tablets and vials (100/500mg) diamorphine (heroin) hydrochloride are my favourite analgesics. I am prescribed Oxycontin and Oxynorm which I rate next best.
      What I would really like is a source to send high dosage hydromorphone (8mg white Dilaudid triangles & 4mg yellows) & Endo Opana IR 10 & 5mg tabs from US to UK. I can not find a single vendor online offering either. I hear that Opana (and the Mallinckrodt generic which is best quality alternative, as are Mallie white triangles) by Endo is the closest you will get in the US to the powerful Palfium and Diconal/Wellconal. Both of those are the most euphoric available anywhere as is diamorphine powder 100% esp when taken intranasally.

  5. Nicomorphine is very good for chronic pain; they rx me tablets and ampoules, the latter because we can't readily get Palfium here anymore, which was my former med for breakthrough pain . . . there is also nicocodeine which is about as strong as hydrocodone. Ketobemidone is very good though I like piritramide (Dipidolor) better. Two other ones to look into that I remember from years ago are phenadoxone (Heptalgin) and dimethylthiambutene. Also I have lots of experience with dihydromorphine and a single shot of dihydroheroin back in the day.

  6. Diacetyldihydromorphine (dihydroheroin, trade name Paralaudin) can be homebaked from M in a multi-step process

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