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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Slaves" to a substance, or consenting parties?

A core belief of Project Narco (myself and this blog) is that our characterization of drug "addiction" as "chemical slavery" has irrationally characterized our mainstream conception of drug use - This victim mentality is a product of both human nature & modern american cultural influence.

We have convinced ourselves that addicts are "slaves" to the drugs and helpless to control their own behavior; we rationalize it by telling ourselves there is no way that a loved one/friend could actually want such a lifestyle for themselves... After all, the idea that a son or daughter actually enjoys sticking a syringe in their arm is a realization that some cannot or will not come to terms with.

We would rather think of them as victims than view them as the fully consentual and primarily complicit parties in their own self-destruction.

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