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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Opioid Conversion & Equianalgesic Dosing

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The numerous guides, both text and visual, are not intended to substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. The following  figures are presented for the purpose of informed use & harm reduction; knowledge  could very well save your life. Keep in mind that every individual's body will vary in how it responds to these drugs

Opioid Analgesics - Relative Potency 

Systemic/Parenteral (listed in morphine units)
Codeine 0.1 (~)
Pethidine 0.1
Hydrocodone 0.5
Oxycodone 0.6
Morphine 1
Heroin 2
Methadone 2
Levorphanol 5
Hydromorphone 5
Oxymorphone 7.5
Buprenorphine 33
Fentanyl 80 - 100 (~)

Oral (listed in morphine units)
Codeine 0.18 (~) or 1/6
Pethidine 0.18 (~) or 1/6
Morphine 1
Hydrocodone 1
Oxycodone 1.5
Heroin 1.5
Oxymorphone 3
Hydromorphone 3.78
Methadone 6 (~)
Levorphanol 7.5 (~)

Morphine Relative Potency Ratios (Oral and Parenteral)
Oxymorphone: PO 1 to 3 * IV 1 to 10
Hydromorphone: PO 1 to 5 * IV 1 to 6.6
Oxycodone: PO 1 to 1.5 * IV 1 to 0.66
Hydrocodone: PO 1 to 1 * IV 1 to 0.44
Methadone: PO 1 to 6 * IV 1 to 2.22
Levorphanol: PO 1 to 7.5 * IV 1 to 5
Buprenorphine: IV 1 to 30


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Equianalgesic Dosing:

Transdermal Fentanyl Conversion:

Duragesic Transdermal - 
Per Patch Total Fentanyl Content:

12ug/h - 2.1mg
25ug/h - 4.2mg
50ug/h - 8.4mg
75ug/h - 12.6mg
100ug/h - 16.8mg


See here for information on the relative potency of intranasal oxymorphone

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