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Monday, February 28, 2011

Addiction & The Disease Theory (Collection)

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An Experience With Group Therapy:

A few things I've observed through my time at court mandated group sessions:

People whine through every session about all the 'pain & suffering' that alcohol & drugs supposedly caused them (as opposed to their USE of alcohol & drugs), but one thing no one dares to mention is the real reason they kept on using drugs - the fun & the pleasure of it - The very same reason fat people keep on eating cake. In fact, most of these folks would probably deny ever enjoying it - which makes me wonder, how can they claim to be adopting a manner of living which demands "rigorous self honesty".

Most of these people will insist they used drugs because they were "sick" and just couldn't help themselves. Their willpower is supposedly defect, but oddly enough, the will seems to be strong as ever when it comes to obtaining and consuming drugs or alcohol. I've listened to such b/s for years before learning to know better.

These poor fools have been taught that the unique character traits which made them who they are, were somehow flawed and must be rigorously fixed. They seem to have the power to conquer their every single character defect, except of course for their lack of self discipline when it comes to drugs & alcohol - but hey, who needs discipline when you can just have your 'higher power' micromanage your personal habits for you?

Keep erasing the social stigma from problem-behaviors by labeling them as illnesses - and they eventually become socially acceptable. Keep brainwashing people with the superstition that they are powerless to change their behavior and that behavior will likely never change.

The Myth of a "Disease" for Which the Only Diagnostic Criteria is a Behavior...

Arguments for the disease theory of addiction are common. They can be read everywhere, from treatment & recovery literature, to bureaucratic publications of the National Institute of Health. Take the following paragraph for instance, taken from a piece of 12-Step Booster Literature:

"Lawyers boast that when their professional forebears were writing the Constitution and organizing the Supreme Court, doctors were still bleeding patients to remove ill humors and using leeches as medical apparatus...Today, however, it is only because medicine is on a firm scientific basis that the spiritual dimension of healing can be fairly evaluated. Although modern medicine has been slow to take up the challenge, this healing factor is now too obvious to ignore." - The Spiritual Dimension of Healing, Jeff Jay, The World & I, 05-01-2000, Size: 8K.

Available on the Internet through your public library's Electronic Library of periodicals.

It's indeed odd, perhaps confusing. Those very people promoting the addictive disease theory & standard 12-step based 'treatment' have managed to mask such superstition as a "cutting edge advance in medicine". The disease-mongers have gone as far as to create a straw man out of their opponent (inclusive of myself) - characterizing those (such as myself) who refuse to buy into this "disease of addiction" as unenlightened fools, whom they have compared to our ancestors who believed the earth was flat. Addictive disease-mongers have managed to flip the roles backwards; suggesting that their superstitious voodoo-science is "cutting edge medicine" while a rational, evidence-based understanding of addictive behavior is "ancient, outdated, primitive and ignorant" - It is unfortunate that one would actually have to state the unquestionable truth that this is in fact, the other way around. Spiritual treatments & voodoo science very much like the 'chemical enslavement' theory of addiction have been touted for centuries, where as in more recent times, medical & behavioral science has taught us to know better. 

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