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Friday, February 4, 2011

Drug Identification Guide

(1) Opioid Analgesics

________________________________________________________________________________MORPHINE: Long & Short Acting

MS Contin (ER)

Morphine ER (Mallinckrodt)

Morpine ER (Endo)

Morphine ER (Ethex)


Kadian (ER)

Avinza (ER)

Morphine IR (Ethex)
Morphine IR (Roxane)

MSIR - Genmark

________________________________________________________________________________OXYCODONE: Immediate Release Products

Oxycodone IR - KVK Pharmaceuticals
Generic for: Dazidox, Roxicodone

Oxycodone IR (generic for Roxicodone) Glenmark
15mg green tablet (not shown) is marked with

Oxycodone Immediate Release

 ________________________________________________________________________________OxyContin (Long Acting Oxycodone)

New OxyContin Formulation
(Purdue Pharma)

_________________________________________________________________________________Long & Short Acting Oxymorphone

OPANA ER - Oxymorphone Extended Release - 12 Hour

_________________________________________________________________________________Fast Acting Hydromorphone

Dilaudid & Generic Mallinckrodt Version



Levorphanol Tartrate 2 mg (Roxane)

_________________________________________________________________________________Buprenorphine & Buprenorphine Combo Products

________________________________________________________________________________Meperidine Products (Includes Demerol)

_________________________________________________________________________________Tapentadol (Nucynta)

Tapentadol Immediate Release Tablets (Nucynta)

Tapentadol Extended Release Tablets
(Nucynta ER)
_________________________________________________________________________________Tramadol (Single Entity) 

(2) Other Pharmaceuticals
________________________________________________________________________________Nabilone (i.e. Cesamet):



Xanax Tablets (Alprazolam)




  1. hey.. it's taj from opi.. just saw a link to your blog in one of your posts.. so here I am :) I'm getting ready to go to work in a bit, but I really look forward to reading the posts I've seen so far, (stopped at this one to comment)

    The two that I noticed right away was the opitate receptor post , and the better understanding of pain one.. I mean, I've been a cp'er for 6 yrs or so now, and like to think I have a fairly good grasp on the basics.. but it looks like you really made the effort to make it clear for those who are clueless about that type of stuff..

    But I was also commenting to point out that your picture for the Avinza dosage is out of date.. about 2 years ago, they started making 45 mg capsules, and 75 mg capsules..which I don't think are prescribed very often.. I used to be on the 75, and the pharmacist didn't even know it was available at that dosage.. it also doesn't help that many of the websites out there neglected to update the dosage info when they added those two. Plus to top it off, I dont think they've(King Pharm) made a new dosage/picture chart either, and it's difficult to find images of the new dosages online.. I noticed medscape.com had photos of the 45 mgs .. but I don't think I've ever even seen a pic of the 75mg one anywhere. online. (75mgs are orange and white, but I know that cause i used to get em)

    ok, I promise one last thing.. ha ha.. not sure how you feel about the craziness with the tale of the two opi's.(I'm posting on both, or lurking on both.. but .us definitely has my support 100% as I really do think they were just trying to look out for us members..nothing against .org, I just don't understand some stuff)

    anyway.. not sure if you'd even want to, or be up to it, but new .us opi) is looking for members with knowledge about a variety of subjects, to write some good original content/info for the sticky sections on the forum.. and just from what I've seen on this blog so far, you might be able help in that dept in some way.. I think thanatos made a post putting the word out and asking for help..

    neway.. if you need to get a hold of me.. just leave me a vm in my opi profile(either site, i check both) Hope you've been well! ttyl -t

  2. Thanks for the info Taj,
    And thanx for reading :)

    I'll try and update that

  3. would love to try them 40mg oxymorphone tablets and hydromorphone hydrocodone we never get nothing like that in the uk ,just dirty green methadone 1/1mg (fuk that shit!!!) or 100-200mg mst continus if you are lucky. ocasionally u may find some diconal but they are getting very rare now ace pics put some more up :) M a d M a r t

  4. Yeah from what I know, hydrocodone is mostly used in the US, where as Europe uses dihydrocodeine in its place.. Hydromorphone XR preps are available in some European countries, not sure about the UK. I've always thought green was a crazy color for methadone ;). MS Contin we do have, which are great for IV use in my opinion, and Diconal is of course, not available here.. VERY cool to hear from someone who has occasional experience with it, it's unfortunate that it's being phased out.

    Thanks for reading brotha.

  5. ATT: In the section titled oxymorphone immediate release the last picture is incorrect...54184 number on pill generic opanna Roxanne laboratories is listed as 5 mg when in fact the white 54184 is 10 mg...I came upon your blog trying to figure out what my grandfather (who I take care of) had been prescribed..when the mg didn't match what was on his bottle i went to his pharm tech and was assured that the generic opanna white pill with the numbers 54184 was a 10 mg immediate release...I also checked many other sites and every other one confirmed this information...hope this helps...you have a very informative blog.

  6. If you buy 2mg XANAX, on 2 different occasions, & all the sudden you notice that the last two from the 2nd purchase look identical except for the "length", is there a possibility you got robbed on the 1st purchase?
    They are supposedly brand name 2mg, white, XANAX, yet once I noticed this I began to hardly feel the longer bars effects. Is there any other way to identify these as legitimate 2mg. alpralozam tablets?

    1. Some 2mg Xanax are rounded off on the end instead of squared off,but there has been some generic ones going around a true test of xanax the true and only test is get one stick it to yr tongue and the bitter taste if it hits you its real and you can pay for another one

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