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Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Protecting The Children" As A Justification for Drug Laws

Consider The Following:

A) It is easier for children to obtain marijuana or prescription-only narcotics than it is to obtain alcohol.

B) Children are taught from a ripe young age to abstain from drug abuse & underage drinking. Any children who drink are well aware they are breaking the law.

C) Tobacco & alcohol use by minors is illegal; It is nonsensical to believe that casual narcotic use by minors would be any exception were they to be legalized.

D) Any parent who allows a child to get shitfaced or is unaware of a childs drinking & drug use is an incompetent parent and should have their child given to new parents who will instill law-abiding values and discipline in their children.

E) People of the free world are not obligated to sacrifice their most intimate personal rights in order to save others the trouble of responsibly parenting their own children, much less to spare others the trouble of suffering consequences of their own potentially poor choices.

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