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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Circular Logic: Drug Use As Both a Cause and a Symptom?

I'll explain this briefly, as I'm currently in a hurry...

Disease proponents contend the following: 

Addiction is a disease which, like many other diseases, can manifest as the result of a choice - in this case that choice being drug use. However, they also compare the behavior of drug use, in an addicted person, to the symptoms of other illnesses - they claim that "compulsive drug use" is to addiction as memory loss is to alzheimers, as mood changes are to schizophrenia, or as low blood sugar is to diabetes.

In other words, drug use itself is both the cause of the disease, and the symptom of the disease. Now, consider how this ideology would present itself in a conversation..

Recovery Worker: "Ryan is a drug addict. He has a disease."
You: "Wow, really? How do you know that?"
Recovery Worker: "Because he keeps on using drugs."
You: "Why does he keep on using drugs?"
Recovery Worker: "Because he's an addict. He has a disease"

So, Ryan is an addict because he keeps on using drugs; and Ryan keeps on using drugs because he's an addict. Think for yourselves whether this makes any sense.

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